On The Out

Since 2016

On the Out is a movement, set up by and for people who have experienced life in prison 

Our team has spent many years on the landings (walkways on the prison wings), in addiction or homelessness. 

We know how it feels to be released to nothing, to have lost it all and to have to rebuild everything from scratch. Or to have so many obstacles on the outside that things quickly become too muchWe know how it feels because we`ve been through it ourselves.  And now want to help others. 

We know that lots of things are wrong with the way the system works. But we think people who have experienced it from within are best placed to change it.  

We believe that time inside gives everyone the ability and expertise to help others. The ability to deal with people with genuine empathy and understanding, and knowledge of the things that need to change.   

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On the Out belongs to every person who has ever been in prison.

We would love everyone who has spent time in custody to join us in our movement – to help people regain their lives and become the people they were always meant to be.  We want to take rehabilitation back – from businesses and profit driven companies to communities and people that are truly affected.  Above all, we offer friendship and support from a group of people who understand. 

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So whether you need a bit of support, or want to help us help others, get in touch.  

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