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About Us

Our Approach

When we set up On the Out we thought about the things we needed when we got out but didn`t get.  Most of all we wanted someone to be on our side, who saw our strengths and potential, and who would help us without judgement. Someone who wouldn`t just send us places but go with us.

We are a team who have experienced life on the margins of society. Some of us had learnt to distrust it, to see it as something working against us. At times we had given up. At times we still struggle.

So at On the Out there is a group of people who will stand by your side as barriers are faced and overcome. We understand the effects of years of imprisonment because we are those people. Some of these were practical, like sorting out accommodation, benefits and ID. Some were about getting more help – help with addiction, mental health or relationships.


Meet the Team

We couldn't do what we do without our amazing staff, volunteers and friends.

Les 1

Leslie George

Senior Support Worker and Lead on Approved Premises


Helen Brown

Director and CEO

Michael Bradley

Director of On the Out, CEO of Lifehab, Development Manager

Dave oto web pic

David Moores

Support Worker, Bolton CAS Coordinator

Darryl 1

Darryl Flanagan

Support Worker & Benefits Lead

Mark 4

Mark Power

Operations Manager and A.C.T Group Facilitator


Carmen Pearson

Admin, finance and HR


Stan Stewart

Support Worker, Manchester CAS Coordinator

Image-1 (20)

Shah Iqbal

Support Worker


Jade Rhodes

Support Worker

Syed 1

Syed Rizvi

Support Worker


Kyle Hardman

Mental health lead, Drug & Alcohol support worker


Mark Williams

Support Worker

Ron 1

Ron Daly

Support Worker

In Loving Remembrance


John Irvine

Previous Volunteer


Paul Mason

Previous Support Worker

Derek Smith In loving rememberance

Derek Smith

Previous Support Worker

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